How do I access Ryde On Demand?

Simply login with your in studio account, make sure to subscribe to a Ryde On Demand membership to gain access.

Can I use my existing Ryde packages for On Demand? 

Ryde packages are for in studio classes only. To gain access to the On Demand video library you need to purchase the specific Ryde On Demand membership.

Ryde On Demand is available with the following two options:

  • Ryde On Demand 24-hour access
  • Ryde On Demand monthly unlimited membership, this option will automatically renew each month until you send us an email to info@rydeyxe.ca requesting cancellation.

Please note student discount is not available for On Demand packages

How do I access Ryde On Demand?

Login to your account at ondemand.rydeyxe.ca and stream Ryde classes to your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

Are all the classes the same format and length? 

We currently have OG Ryde (our original 45-minute Ryde), Rapid Ryde (a 30-minute express option), Marathon Ryde (a 90 minute cardio crusher) and our Warrior Ryde (a high intensity advanced class in the same OG 45 minute class).

How often are new classes added? 

New classes will be added weekly! 

Can I still send song requests? 

Yes! Stay connected with all of your favourite instructors, follow them on social and send in any requests!

Can I take Ryde On Demand classes with any spin bike? 

We recommend using commercial grade spin bikes that can withstand the movements at Ryde. Check out the weight maximums and the recommendations for usage on your home equipment which should include the ability to stand!

What is the benefit of using cycling shoes to clip in? 

Clipping in allows you to engage all leg muscles in pulling and pushing through each pedal stroke. Proper cycling shoes allow you to transfer power more easily due to the stiff sole that prevents your foot from wrapping around the pedal and aids in the prevention of knee injuries by allowing for a smoother pedal stroke and ability to climb.